31 robots in 31 days - Robot #4: NXTLog Sumo Competition

In August 2007, LEGO WINDSTORMS expert Steve Hassenplug pitched an idea to Steven Canvin and I, to host an online LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Sumo competition online and have a group of MCPs (MINDSTORMS Community Partners) build and run a select # of Sumo robots in a weekend sumo hackathon.

MCPs Hassenplug, Brian Bonahoom, Brian Davis, John Brost, and Jay Hiram Kinzie built and ran the robots and I was there too to document the work and make sure everyone was playing fair.

Today's featured robot is the 125 Sumo Robots from 19 countries entered into this competition and to the MCPs who cared enough to host, build, play, and inspire.