31 robots in 31 days: Robots # 12 & 13 - NX Trike and NXT Bike by LeoBello

31 robots in 31 days: Robots # 12 & 13

For robots 12 & 13, I am profiling one amazing builder I admired from the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community, LeoBello. This builder was a member of an FLL team and FTC team and contributed about 30 robots between 2007-2010. LeoBello combined form and function in their robot designs.

The two robots profiled here represent three engineering feats:

1) Mastering engineering a robot that balances and drives on two wheels.

2) Designing and programming a wireless remote to control the robot

3) Iterating upon and improving a previous robot design

Enjoy the NX Trike and NXT Bike by LeoBello.

Dear LeoBello,

I bet you are an amazing adult wherever you are. Thank you for sharing your brilliance.





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