31 robots in 31 days - Robot #6: Bipedal Dragon Prototype by Billy259

31 robots in 31 days - Robot #6: Bipedal Dragon Prototype by Billy259 for the BiPed Building Challenge, the 10th building challenge on NXTLOG. This challenge was designed to inspire the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to creatively engineer walking robots on two legs - no easy task! Billy259 was an influencer in the early days of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and inspired a lot of builders with his mech and Bionical infused builds. I love the expressions this Dragon makes!


31 robots in 31 days - Robot #5: Dancing Snowman

The Dancing Snowman by Mini_Man176 won the Champion’s Award in the 2008 NXTLOG Winter Wonderland building challenge. I love the simplicity of this robot and the creative personification. There were over 100 entries to this challenge.


31 robots in 31 days - Robot #4: NXTLog Sumo Competition

In August 2007, LEGO WINDSTORMS expert Steve Hassenplug pitched an idea to Steven Canvin and I, to host an online LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Sumo competition online and have a group of MCPs (MINDSTORMS Community Partners) build and run a select # of Sumo robots in a weekend sumo hackathon.

MCPs Hassenplug, Brian Bonahoom, Brian Davis, John Brost, and Jay Hiram Kinzie built and ran the robots and I was there too to document the work and make sure everyone was playing fair.

Today's featured robot is the 125 Sumo Robots from 19 countries entered into this competition and to the MCPs who cared enough to host, build, play, and inspire.

31 robots in 31 days - Robot #3: MaMaMonster Mash Sumo Robots by PoetryInMotion

31 robots in 31 days - Robot #3: MaMaMonster Mash Sumo Robots by PoetryInMotion (Master Lee Magpili).

One of my heroes and great friends was a regular contributor to the LEGO WINDSTORMS Gallery before working as a LEGO Designer. PoetryInMotion shared NXT robots he designed for his students, both for FLL and for MINDSTORMS Sumo. I love the personification built in to these Sumo bots. They all have unique personalities! Lee's work is indeed Poetry in Motion. Sharing builds connections and community. Thank you Lee for your brilliance.


Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 12.05.31 PM.png

31 robots in 31 days - Robot #2: Praying Mantis

Today's featured robot, honoring the legacy of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community Gallery: Praying Mantis by GhostInside. This project was submitted in June 2007 as part of the 2nd building challenge posted on NXTLOG, the Quadruped Building Challenge. GhostInside shared 10 robots on NXTLOG and they all show this maker's thoughtful design process.


Praying Mantis by GhostInside

Praying Mantis by GhostInside

The 2nd NXTLOG Building Challenge: Quadruped Building Challenge

The 2nd NXTLOG Building Challenge: Quadruped Building Challenge

31 robots in 31 days - Robot #1: Magic Christmas Tree by NeXTSTorm

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Gallery is being retired as of January 1st. I have created about 75 unique building challenges for this site. These challenges have inspired 1000s of amazing LEGO MINDSTORMS builders and creations. I am going to try to feature a favorite creation and challenge from the gallery a day.

Today's featured robot is selected to get us all in the holiday spirit. It's from the 2008 NXTLOG Holiday Building Challenge and features Vassilis Chryssanthakopoulos (NeXTSTORM) Magic Christmas Tree. Enjoy!



Magic Christmas Tree
NXTLOG Holiday Building Challenge