Hello World!

I design playful experiences for children to creatively express themselves using all kinds of technology. For over fifteen years, I have been developing creative content and community engagement experiences in the realm of construction and coding for the LEGO Company. I am a leader in the Maker Education movement, and design maker spaces, curriculum, and professional development for teachers. I am an expert in robotics platforms for children. I believe that every child can design, engineer, code and bring their imaginative ideas to life.  I have a passion for social emotional and playful learning, and thoughtfully follow a developmental lense in my design process.  I also have experience in advertising and marketing as a TV commercial and online producer. I am a LEGO Ambassador of Fun, the Master of Ceremonies for FIRST Robotics competitions, and co-founder of the Jr. Explorers Club, a summer adventure program for children.

I am a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR. I apply the design process and research strategy that fits the needs of the project. I use insights to uncover new ideas and directions.

I am an EXPERIENCE DESIGNER. I use an empathetic, human-centered, social-emotional and developmental approach in my creative process.

I am a CREATIVE, an ARTIST and a MAKER. I embrace the creative process. I give time for ideas to simmer to make room for eureka moments. I visualize ideas through physical models, and creatively communicate through my writer’s craft. My home workshop is a funhouse of all kinds of materials and technology to experiment with. Come and play!

I am a FUTURIST. I explore emerging trends and synthesize their metaphors to create visions for new forms of play and social interaction.

I am a STORYTELLER. My creative work is authentic, connected and rooted in context.

I am a CHEERLEADER. I am a team player with a growth mindset. I am a happy encourager that keeps a team moving forward. I find features in flaws. I use failure as an opportunity for reflection, learning, and growth.

You can follow me on twitter: @maureenrreilly

Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/maureenrreilly